Here at Dowr Kammel we have planted our own Hop yard. The Cornish Hop Company.

Our vision is to be as green and as environmentally friendly wherever possible.

Using solar power, our own Cornish water, underground storage, our own Cornish hops and as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

The hop yard is totally organic with the plants growing up a chestnut pole, trellis system with the help of the Cornish sun.

We aim to produce enough hops for our own brews and the surplus to be sold to other small, independent micro-breweries and home brewers.

Up to press no machinery has been involved in the hop harvesting, they have all been picked by hand with the help of our children, family and friends.

A public footpath from the Camel Trail at Wenford Bridge winds it's way up through our land past the hop yard leading to the brewery. An idyllic, peaceful place to sit, try some of our craft ales and enjoy the beauty of the Cornish countryside.